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The city of Toronto, Ontario is the definition of the modern metropolis in every sense of the word. With a history dating back to the very origins of Canada itself, Toronto is an eclectic mix of old and new landmarks, excellent shopping and dining, and fabulous real estate.

Toronto was one of the first modern metropolises on the continent to deal with the problems posed by a rapidly expanding population. Again, the city arose to these challenges through innovative techniques that allow it a pre-eminent place amongst urban planners in the world today. Scientific research and experimental development provided solutions that came in various forms, including transportation such as the GO trains and the subways, the amalgamation of various districts into the large city itself, and the revitalizing of many of the downtown areas of the city. Now it has the diversity of many cultures and ethnicity.

Toronto also boasts of an incredibly diverse array of peoples, and all of the additional benefits that an ethnically eclectic region can bring. There are districts dedicated to one type of culture and there are districts that include many, from the makeup of the population to preferred real estate to the cuisine and entertainment to be found in the area. You could have dinner at an authentic Indian restaurant, shop for fair trade goods and drop your kids off at hockey school all in the same district.

Speaking of entertainment, it is something that this city has in abundance. Professional sports teams, live theatre, A-list celebrity sightings, and all types of recreation are available all around the city. It is entirely possible to go for a pleasure cruise from one island to another one day under the setting sun, take in a Major League Baseball game the next, and wrap up the three-day binge with a night at the opera house.

Another thing that truly helps define Toronto as a major world metropolis is the skyline of the city. No true major city could claim the title without towering structures that rise far above the main streets of the city. Modern cities, of course, have to have their fair share of ultramodern structures, something that can always be deciphered from the architecture. Toronto boasts hundreds of buildings several storeys high, finished in glass and steel, catching the evening sun as it sets over the horizon.

The use of these buildings is quite diverse. Many are used for commercial real estate, some fill niches within the hospitality industry. They could be the head offices of major companies that provide your family's food, communications firms or the Canadian headquarters of a company that makes local products. And many more represent the very pinnacle of modern city living as we define it today.

We are talking, of course, about the modern condominium building. The condo concept has been around for decades, if not in fact for millennia. The idea is to have several people from different families sharing ownership (or paying rent) of single units within a larger structure. The individual units are themselves owned by individuals, but the building in which the units are housed belongs to the company who developed and perhaps owns the land underneath.

Condominiums in Toronto and elsewhere in the world began to climb as a popular living option several decades ago. As with other cities, the popularity of condominiums in Toronto coincided with a couple of different factors that had to do with the number of people moving to downtown.

The first factor was the skyrocketing cost of real estate for standalone homes within the city limits. Many people found that these homes were beyond their price range, and though they worked in the city they had to find accommodations elsewhere.

Of course, as people located their homes on the outskirts of the city, two more phenomena occurred. First of all, the prices in these areas, too, began to rise. Secondly, traffic concentrations became greater on major arterial routes as everyone tried to get into the city to their jobs at the same time, and then out again besides.

Then of course there were environmental concerns such as urban sprawl, and to top it all off, people started wondering what the point of all that city living was if it was so much hassle to get to it.

Enter, the idea of the condo. Suddenly, there are living spaces built not on a horizontal plane, but vertically. This means room for thousands more residents, without increasing the amount of land taken up by development. People live close to all the benefits of the city, and the commute to work is not nearly the hassle.

In addition, many modern condominium developments take the form of small cities themselves, with all the amenities and opportunities a resident could want. You could shop in the boutiques downstairs or exercise on a treadmill in the shared gym and spa.

On this site, we are going to take a look at some of the most exciting opportunities for those who want to take advantage of everything that condo living in Toronto has to offer. We will feature a wide variety of condos and lofts for sale, and the neighbourhoods in which they are located. For a list of Toronto neighbourhoods, please visit this website.

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