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Those living in Toronto, or thinking about moving to the city, have some very exciting choices to make not only about where they live, but also what type of city lifestyle they choose to embrace. More and more people, seniors and young professionals in particular, are starting to select a condo as their home of choice within the city.

Condominiums are large developments, with single units available for purchase or rent inside of the main building. Although the individual units themselves are owned separately, the building is run by a management company, who also collect the rents from people living in the condos but who don't own them.

Over whether or not these units are overly expensive or creating to the environmentally unfriendly urban sprawl, there are many people willing to go for a debating round. Slings and arrows have been thrown at the developers for years but it recent years there is evidence that these forms of group living might be helping much more than they hurt.

All condo units also have common fees attached to them. These fees cover the costs of maintenance of the building as well as upkeep for the grounds and other issues, and will range in price from one development to the next. While the developer or management company will set these prices, residents of the units do have some input as to issues where their money is spent through condominium association meetings and other strategies.

In the last ten years, condominium developments have seen a rapid evolution in regards to what the developments actually entail. Not too long ago, condo buildings were fairly basic, rising up from the ground as a version of very nice apartments. Now you might need a bench calibrator to calculate the high voltage designs that seem to be springing up monthly!

These condos usually include a lot more. The concept of condominium design has developed so that many new buildings are works of architectural art, seeking to make a statement as well as provide shelter. In addition, condo developments are no longer just living spaces. Many developers of downtown condominiums have sought to make the entire building a bit of an oasis in the city. And some are even coming out at prices where you won't need to put all of your stuff in to fit it all in for the size you can afford!

What do these oases include? Well, virtually anything you could name, as long as you are willing to pay the price. Most have swimming pools and exercise facilities, although where they are located (third floor, middle floor, rooftop) will change from one building to the next. Many have terraced gardens, rooftop lounges, and beautifully appointed entertaining facilities as well. With some you can count of a superintendent to worry about garbage pickup and window cleaning.

In this section of the site, we are going to look at the broad range of issues and styles that condominiums in Toronto and elsewhere have to offer for those interested in purchasing. The amount of information that can fit into this category is vast. We will have articles that discuss different neighbourhoods where condo living is not only popular, but almost necessary.

We will take a look at some of the reasons people have for purchasing condos rather than renting or purchasing another type of real estate. We will also look at some of the issues which concern all owners.

Whether you are interested in state of the trendy condominiums or more traditional older styles of condos and other areas have to offer, this section of our site is the place for you to look. We have information on anything that a person interested in owning a condo unit could want to know.

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