Getting Around The City

When you're moving to a city as large as Toronto you need to consider how you're going to get around on a daily basis. Some choose to live here and keep the two cars in the driveway that you will see in smaller cities, commuting to work everyday in rush hour traffic, while others will opt to trade in their vehicle for a transit pass. While you may have been able to take a taxi to get you to your new home, you may want to look into the most cost effective transportation option. Here are some of your choices if you're living in the Greater Toronto Area.

Like with most metropolis areas, Toronto does come with some traffic if you want to own a car. It can take half an hour to get from Bathurst to the DVP along Bloor during rush hour alone. But there are definitely some times that are more of a hassle than others if you need to drive from A to B. If you have an appointment or need to get to a meeting across the city than you will have a much smoother trip when traveling between 10am and 3pm. The streets are also relatively clear after 7pm during the week. There are many alternative routes for those going throughout the GTA so if you're planning to drive you should always listen to the traffic report and have a backup plan in mind in case of accidents or construction.

The Toronto Transit Commission is the preferred transportation method for many people throughout the downtown area from those that work on Bay Street to students attending schools like Ryerson or the University of Toronto. Metro passes are available for adults, seniors, students, and children for anywhere between one week and a full year. If you are attending one of the post-secondary institutions in the city, you should check with your school for any additional discounts.

There is also the option of taking GO Transit if you live outside of the City of Toronto but still in the GTA. There are GO buses and trains within the system and most of them use Union Station as their home base. From there you can transfer to the subway to get you to your job or to attend a concert or theatre event.

If you're looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious, you could also become a city cyclist. Toronto is making an effort to provide more paths and lanes for bikers, which can get you from downtown, back home, and all the way out to the Beaches or Bloor West.

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