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The word penthouse is often associated the luxury. Many real estate agents only market penthouses to their wealthier clients, which are those who can afford to live in the lap of luxury. Perhaps you've heard of your favorite movie star owning a penthouse or seen one advertised in the real estate listings and wondered to yourself: what would it be like to live in a place like that? This article can give you an inside look into life at the top of the world.

You're fabulously wealthy. You have to be, if you can afford to buy a penthouse in most large cities where space is at a premium. With some condos for sale averaging at over $400,000 each, you will rarely see the exclusive spaces at the tops of these condo towers selling for less than a million dollars. Penthouses in the taller buildings that offer the best views are $8 million or more. So imagine that you've won the lottery, or have landed a major Hollywood role or record deal, or taken your dot com public, and have decided to buy a place that reflects your wealth. Website sponsorship provided by: Waste Tire Innovations, LLC. - see website

You have your personal driver drop you off at the front door of the tower. The doorman opens the door for you. On your way through the lobby, the concierge asks if there's anything you need. Perhaps you see the building staff on an errand for you, cleaning your laundry or shining your shoes. More likely, though, they're too discreet to be seen. You take your special key and unlock the elevator feature that lets it travel all the way up to the top of the shaft. It lets you off right in the entry way of your unit.

The first thing that strikes you about your penthouse is the view. You're at the very top of a tall condo tower, and the architects have taken maximum advantage of the height by surrounding your apartment with tinted windows. They keep the sun and prying eyes out, but let you see everything. There's the headquarters of a major company across the street, and a bank tower behind you. And in front of you - the sparkling waters of Lake Ontario.

You shed your shoes and flake out on the high end leather couch as your personal chef prepares dinner. You have a formal dining room, guest rooms, and even a fountain. Everything is the height of luxury, from the gas fireplace to the glass showers and staircases to the crystal chandelier to the marble floor tiles that cost more than the other units in this building. Since your penthouse is set back from the edge of the building, you also have a great outdoor garden and patio for entertaining. Yes, your real estate broker really came through when they found you this place.

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