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The last thing anyone who lives outside of Toronto, but still lives in Canada, wants to hear about is the media. The city is known as the centre of the universe to most Canadians, but only Torontonians can say this without their tongue in their cheek. Ask the average Canadian, particularly the sports fan, and they will tell you that they have grown weary of all the coverage every day, and every night. The fact is that most of the time, a person living on the west coast will have to get through breaking news relevant to where they live.

This of course is not really the fault of Toronto, but rather a sign of just how important the city is on a national scale. The reason that Toronto is covered first on most sports channels, newscasts, and in the front pages of the national papers is that they are all based right here in the city. Moreover, the local Toronto market is the biggest one in the whole country, although Vancouver may take that title at some point in the not too distant future. If you want to appeal to media outlets as a business, Toronto is the place to do it.

What residents of Toronto might not realize is that they are only hearing a fraction of the news coming out of the big city. The other 99% of local stories are being distributed by a daunting number of radio and television stations and newspapers which operate daily for the local demographic. If you want news that is locally focused, such as the current market for luxury condos, then these are the sources to turn to.

As far as newspapers go, you have a number of different choices. The two most recognized are the Toronto Sun and the Toronto Star. Both are printed daily, and focus on Toronto news first. They are certainly not the only local papers in town though. There are two major commuter newspapers distributed for free each day, the Metro and 24 Hours. The viability of these papers is somewhat in question, due to competition online.

Supported by local advertising, the city has at least 35 different radio stations. Each appeals to a specific demographic. Some are news based, such as 680 News on the AM dial, while most others will combine some sort of music format with quick news headlines each hour or so. Website support donated by - WinitCar Car Raffle. Get your tickets by clicking on the link!

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