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While we all see more and more mega-mansions going up in cities and towns across the country every year, most of us are not living in them. The most popular choice for new homeowners in cities is definitely modern condos and lofts. And if you're moving from a home in one city to a condo building in another, that likely means you need to size down on a large portion of your furniture and belongings. This can be a very difficult task as you don't know what you'll want or need in your new home and you are likely attached to many of your things. Here are some tips for creating a great small space design for your new home and choosing what to bring with you.

The first thing you should do when packing up your current property, is to get rid of as much stuff as you can stand to part with. If you're not willing to donate things to the local Goodwill or throw them out, find a friend or family member who you can give or loan it to. This way you will see that sectional couch or dining room table put to good use. And you can even get it back someday if you move back to a more spacious location.

Next, get out the measuring tape and start planning your new design. Make sure that you have accurate measurements of all of the rooms in your new home and take the time to compare that with the size of your furniture. Don't forget to measure the size of doorways and hallways as well. You don't want to choose to keep your antique dresser only to discover it won't fit through the door.

Plan out as much as you can before moving day. This could even go as far as to plan out the decorative pieces that you're going to keep to use in your new home design. One of the biggest problems with moving into a condo space is the lack of storage. So, you don't want to be stuck with boxes full of items you're really never going to be able to use or properly display. Do what you can to simplify as much as possible while you're still waiting.

All of the little things really can add up when it comes to organizing your space. Toronto mortgage brokers to your local agent will tell you that while the price is usually worth it, living in a condo is an adjustment. Sell all of your CDs and get all digital music files. Invest in quality cookware so that you don't have to own six different pans. These small things will make a big difference in your new home. Scarfone Hawkins LLP - your source of information on intellectual property law in Hamilton; has graciously provided funding for this website.

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