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As the financial capitol of Canada, Toronto has always been home to a large number of businesses of all sizes, ranging from small real estate brokerages specializing in Yorkville condominiums to multinational service firms that promise to find clients jobs. Gatineau and other Canadian cities simply cannot compete. If you're thinking of entering Toronto's business landscape, either as a potential employer or as an employee of an existing firm, this overview of Toronto's biggest business sectors could help you start off on the right foot.


The heart of this sector is downtown along Bay Street, which is Canada's answer to Wall Street. It's here, at the center of the Toronto Stock Exchange, that shares and futures in everything from Australian wool to commercial real estate in Ontario are bought and sold. The TSX is one of the largest exchanges on the continent and has helped make Toronto the tenth most financially powerful city in the entire world according to Forbes Magazine. Businesses in this sector include investment firms, venture capitalists, real estate and mortgage brokers, and banks.

Retail and Services

Being such a large population center that is popular with the tourists has really helped the retail sales sector take off. Downtown Toronto is home to some of the most expensive and productive stores in the country, especially along the world famous Bloor Street. Here you'll find top international retailers like Hermes and Armani, while in the suburbs you'll find other smaller franchises and independent services providers like cosmetic dentistry. Mississauga and the other contiguous suburbs are popular locations for big box franchises like Ikea or Best Buy and malls like Eaton Center are found everywhere.


Hydroelectric power and an abundance of raw minerals mined nearby made Toronto a logical center point for Canada's manufacturing industry. At one time the waterfront was loaded with distilleries and factories where the workers who lived in Lawrence Park, Toronto were employed, but today most of the factories have relocated to the suburbs, giving way to less resource intensive industries like film. More than 50% of Canadian manufactured goods are still produced in and around the city though.

Big Firms in Town

Looking for a job? You could hand in your resume at one of the thousands of small stores or condominiums for sale in Toronto, or you could put in an application with some of the city's biggest hitters. This includes: the Hudson's Bay Company, Scotiabank, Rogers, Manulife Financial, Nelvana, Fairmont Hotels, and Toyota Motors Canada, among many, many others.

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